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The Zanadu Hotel Istanbul offers comfortable and spacious large rooms that are set within the defined boundaries of ancient historical walls. The elegant hotel building encircles a beautiful garden, where customers can relax, unwind and soak up the atmosphere of the exotic Old City. Some of the large rooms include fully equipped kitchen facilities, and are perfect for families, or for a group of friends that are travelling together. Situated just 6 minutes away are many of Istanbul’s famous historical monuments, including, the famous Grand Bazaar, magnificently decorated mosques, galleries and museums.

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Updated Health and Hygiene Policy – 01.06.2020
Following the COVID-19 epidemic, Quonca Hotels have updated its’ “health and hygiene” policies to ensure the wellbeing of all staff and guests.
We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Given the effects of COVID-19, we have taken additional measures in our hotels, developed in consultation with global and local public health authorities.


✔ Regular disinfections of rooms and common areas (Reception, lobby, lifts, resting areas. Etc)
✔ Increased frequency of cleaning by using hospital-grade cleaning materials.
✔ Sealed room policy ensures that once the room is cleaned and disinfected, no hotel staff can access the room.
✔ Check in day: Rooms will be cleaned, disinfected and aired for 12 hours before guests check in.
✔ Free “masks” to all our guests (Wearing masks in the hotel is compulsory).
✔ Free to use disinfections dispensers.
✔ Enhanced staff wellbeing with updated protocols, protective equipment and regular health checks. (All staff wears masks and other necessary protective equipment).
✔ Replaced buffet breakfast with healthy and hygienically sealed sandwiches and/or cakes with paper cup teas and coffees.
✔ Minimal contact with the staff behind a glass panel.
✔ Social Distancing guidelines followed at all our hotels.
✔ Policies are updated as per the guidelines of the WHO and Ministry of Health.


Stay Aware. Stay Healthy.